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Buggybop Air Tire Stroller Organizer

$36.99  $39.95

Product Details

Jogging Stroller Organizer

Finally, a stroller organizer made specifically for strollers with air tires. You will no longer have to worry about flat tires, because the organizer comes with a built-in tire pump and tire repair kit. It also comes with many other great features like side and front reflective strips for added safety, an insulated cup holder, a non-insulated cup holder for larger containers, a magnetically enclosed lid and many other small pockets.

Quality & Fit

This organizer can be used on almost any stroller, with its universal fit. Large velcro strap handles make for a strong grip around the stroller’s handle bars. It can be used on single strollers and double strollers. Made out of high quality polyester fabric that is sturdy and strong.


Light weight and durable, compact mini stroller tire pump. Durable aluminum construction. Hose fits inside the pump so it's only 7.5" long. Pump has a built-in flexible hose along with a unique designed swivel tire connector allowing you to pump up even the smallest stroller tires. Pump is rated up to 116 psi.

Stroller Tire Repair Kit

This repair kit contains everything you need in order to fix your strollers flat tire. Contains two tire levers, a metal scratch pad, and 6 glueless tire patches.

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